About here

The place
like visiting your grandparents house in the country.
The temple
where you can heal .
The inn
where you can stare at the mind and body yourself.

At HOSHOIN, you can experience many things
which have created by artists in Goto.
And you can also try pickles, plum wine, and mud beds
made by owner.

We don’t have a luxurious hospitality,
but we offer a simple life in Goto.

From the experience,
From the sounds,
From the scenery,
Please enjoy your stay in Goto.

A small temple surrounded by the sea and mountains.
We are always welcome.


◆Check-in ◆
◆Check-out ◆
◆Rate (maximum 3 persons can stay) ◆Special price for opening
1 person: 10,000 yen / 2 persons: 12,000 yen / 3 people: 16,500 yen

Face towels, Bath towels, Samui(for night cloth), Hair dryers, Shampoos, Conditioners, Body soaps,
TVs, Cookware set, Air conditioner, Wi-Fi (free)
※ There are goto’s foods in the refrigerator.(Free)

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Cancel on the day : 100% will be charged
but due to natural disasters you don’t have to pay cancellation fee
◆ other matters ◆
-Pets are not allowed to stay with.
-Busy season of July to September + 1,000yen
-We have 1 parking for light car , if you want to use please tell me on the contact form .